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Slow PC speed may be a sign of a big problem that may result in data loss or worse...

How to Speed Up Computer?

Avoid The Biggest Computer Mistake

How to Speed Up Computer? Sooner or later, every user has to ask this question. So if are wondering how to speed up computer then… Congratulations, this is really good news! I’m not kidding because this question has probably saved you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, most users began to wonder how to upgrade computer? or even how to buy a new computer? instead of speed up my computer right off. Naturally, they end up purchasing a new computer or costly new hardware simply because didn’t wonder how to speedup computer first as soon as it began to run slow.

Computer slowdowns and freezes are in most cases caused by the following problems:
  • Malware (viruses, trojans and other) or the damage it has done to your system (even if malware has already been detected and removed)
  • Corrupt registry
  • Damaged or missing system files

If you are not a PC expert use the following first-aid solution:
  • Free Download PC Speed Up ToolSpeed Up Solution: Reimage FREE Download
    This is my favorite tool so far because it automatically repairs the major causes of slow PC speed and freezes, such as system file damage (.dll, .sys and other files), corrupt registry, invalid references and malware (viruses, trojans, spyware and other malware).
    And, which is critically important, this is the only tool that not just detects and removes viruses, trojans and other malware but also repairs the damage done by malware to your system. An antivirus will only remove malware but the damage will remain, that's why an antivirus in most cases does not help.
  • Download the program, install and launch it.
  • Let the program scan your computer and repair the issues it detects.
  • Your computer runs like new again!

Below each slow PC cause is explained in detail.

Why is Your Computer Really Slow?

How to Speed Up Computer? An interesting observation. I often talk to people complaining about a slow computer who are absolutely sure that their computer is out of date because when they bought it 12 months ago it was so fast and so new and now it thinks for ages on every single task. However, when I ask them if they have used XP and then upgraded to Vista, or if they installed new antivirus software or other programs that require higher performance, the most common answer is…NO! No new OS upgrade or slowing-down programs…It just began to run slow! Do you understand what I mean now? Something happened to your computer as you were using it, and removing the problem will speed up your computer and make it run like new. Now let’s see what exactly makes your computer slow, what should be fixed and how to speed up your computer.

4 Major Causes of Slow Computer

Corrupt registy.

Cleaning and fixing the registry helps noticeably speed up the computer. The registry is the central database of your system. As you use you computer, install and remove, open and close programs, invalid entries pile up in the registry affecting your computer’s performance. Registry corruption causes not just slow performance but also system errors, freezes and crashes (blue screen errors). Proper maintenance of the registry resolves and prevents these problems.

How to Speed Up Computer Step 1: Fix the Registry.


Your computer’s resources may be devoured by malware. Malware of any type (viruses, rootkits, adware, trojans) is very harmful for your system and slow performance is not the worst thing you should expect. File damage or stealing you personal data are the most common purposes of malware applications. Removing malware is not just a matter of speeding a up computer but of your safety.

How to Speed Up Computer Step 2: Remove Malware

Hard Drive Fragmentation

As you use you computer, copy, delete or relocate files, you hard drive becomes fragmented. This means that the small parts of every single file become scattered all over the disk (non-contiguous) instead of being written successively. Accessing all these pieces of information takes much time because the read/write head of the hard drive has to jump all over the disk, which results in very slow performance.

How to Speed Up Computer Step 3: Defragment Your Hard Drive

Insufficient Disk Space

Did you know and low disk space adds to slowing system performance? Having more free space on the disk may also increase computer performance. Remove unnecessary, obsolete files, obsolete backups, software, temporary files. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup to clean up disk space.

How to Speed Up Computer Step 4: Clean Up Some Disk Space

Performing the above 4 procedures will noticeably speed up your computer and postpone purchasing a new one.

Remember: proper maintenance not just helps speed up a computer but makes it serve your much longer that you expect!

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Users whose computer is running slow often ask these and similar questions, unaware what they can actually expect from a slow computer....

slow pc warning But what does slow down your computer?
The answer to this question discovers a lot of computer problems users are commonly totally unaware of. For example, do you know how slow computer and data loss are connected? And how speeding up you computer can help in prevenent data loss or facilitate and mixmize the chance of data recovery? Slow computer is not just an issue that hampers you work and irritates you. It's a symptom of an unhealthy computer that needs your attention. And as any patient, your computer can be effectively treated only if the cause of the disease is eliminated. Otherwise, it will progress resulting is the loss, corruption or stealing of your personal data and total disability of your computer.